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Fig. 4. A 52-year-old female patient, body mass index of 25 kg/m2, moderate mid-to-lower face laxity, and prominent temporal hollowing who underwent thread-lifting using this technique and botulinum toxin (60 IU, Dysport, UK) to masseter muscle (both side). The above pictures were taken before treatment (A), at three-months (B) and six-months (C) following thread-lift. There was considerable improvement in inner overall facial contour (mid-to-lower face and jawline) was more well-defined and lessening of the nasolabial fold. The measured reduction of bizygomatic distances were 4.7 mm (B) and 8.9 mm (C) when compared to baseline measurements. There was no significant discomfort even though one of the thread ends was temporarily palpable (because of thin skin) which resolve conservatively around 1 month following the procedure.
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