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Table. 2.

Top 10 most-viewed videos

No. Title Content type Type of uploader Uploader (no. of subscriber) View
1 Fail to resist getting double eyelid surgery Patient experience Personal Jo Doopal (399,000) 2,030,000
2 Yoo Hye-jung received a direct phone call from her doctor after double eyelid surgery (anyone who can hold laugh lol) TV programme Others KBS Entertain:Kkalkkal TV (379,000) 920,000
3 I think I'm screwed./double eyelid surgery VLOG/ the surgery day~18th day Patient experience Personal Huoney (95,500) 850,000
4 ENG) [Pranks] Boyfriend is furious with double eyelid makeup !? w w w Entertainment Others YPTV (253,000) 700,000
5 I have double eyelids now! Real review of double eyelid surgery to untie the stitches Patient experience Personal YU JEONG (333,000) 510,000
6 Four reasons for failure of eye surgery, including double eyelid surgery #Eyes correction #Double eyelids #lateral canthoplasty #double eyelid surgery edema [Gangnam Sister] Surgery-related information Content creator Gangnam Unni TV (100,000) 430,000
7 [Cultwo Show 7th UCC] Excellent prize double eyelid surgery (Park Geun-tae) Entertainment Others SBS Radio (749,000) 410,000
8 A must-see video three times before double eyelid #inline #outline #in-outline | Plastic Surgeon I know Ep.8 Surgery-related information Medical doctor/clinic Plastic Surgeon I know (N/A) 370,000
9 Real review video of double eyelid surgery!/swelling care/Recommendation of clinic for double eyelid surgery Patient experience Personal Lime Seula (64,000) 290,000
10 (Double eyelid surgery/lateral canthoplasty/natural adhesion/eye correction review #1) Day to 6th day of real review of eye correction/natural adhesion/ lateral canthoplasty Patient experience Personal Verena (2,580) 280,000
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