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Fig. 3. A 27-year-old female who underwent sequential autologous fat injection to improve an asymmetric face due to smaller and flatter right malar bones and sagging appearance (case 4; Table 1). The amount of injected fat was approximately 31.0 ml (21.0 ml on the right side). The facial contour was changed to a symmetrical and oval shape, mainly due to great volume restoration for the projection of the midface and cheek region. Eventually, it led to nasolabial fold softening and jowl reduction. The Ogee curve significantly changed on the right side (C, F). (A-C) Preoperative photos; (D-F) postoperative photos, 6 months after fat grafting. Yellow arrows indicate preoperative status, white arrows, postoperative volume increase; blue arrows, change of Ogee curve; and black arrows, postoperative volume decrease.
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