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Fig. 2. A 23-year-old female who underwent sequential autologous fat injection to improve infraorbital hollowness and deep nasolabial fold (NLF) (case 2; Table 1). The amount of injected fat for the face, barring the forehead region, was approximately 43.0 ml. Despite great volume restoration, sagging is not obvious, and a balanced and lifted oval-shaped face is observed. The NLFs are softened, and the wrinkle severity rating scale grade is unchanged. Series of facial arcs and convexities with a smooth transition and improved double S-shaped Ogee curves are seen (E, F). (A-C) Preoperative photos; (D-F) postoperative photos, 1 year and 6 months after fat grafting. Yellow arrows indicate preoperative status; white arrows, postoperative volume increase; blue arrows, change of Ogee curve; and black arrows, postoperative volume decrease.
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